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St. Elizabeth & The Spirit of Caritas

St. Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, is the inspiration of Caritas or Charitable Care.  Helping the elderly with Long Term Care is our core value.  We are driven to educate Catholic seniors — and seniors of all faiths — to plan for their future Long Term Care needs before they need care in a Medical Center or Hospital.  Often patients leave the hospital and head to rehab in a Long Term Care facility or at home.

It is all too common that as people age and begin to depend on another person, such as their spouse, to help with their Activities of Daily Living.  This is the very definition of what Long Term Care.  Often this care can be for a long period of time and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  When this life event is not properly prepared for it can set back a family and eliminate any generational inheritance.

Why Is Long Term Care Important?

When a person gets to a point in their life where they cannot perform their basic needs such as eating, bathing, dressing, transferring, or have trouble maintaining continence, they often will need to have a person come into their house and administer home health care, assisted living facility, or a nursing home.  This type of care is constant and can be very expensive.  To learn more here is a good resource.  CompareLongTermCare.org.